Google announces new audio auto-play blocking feature

Google announces new audio auto-play blocking feature

With Google’s ever increasing dominance of digital advertising, come challenges. Its policies on user experience have had a negative impact on publishers looking to fund their activity through legitimate means.

These policies have led website managers to look for an increased monetization with intrusive ads. In response to one of the most common issues, Google has announced a new feature that would allow users of its Chrome browser on desktop devices to mute video ads automatically. This will be enable users to block or allow sound on websites of their preference.

The research firm Nielsen Norman Group reports that this type of video ads are the second most-hated ad experiences, just behind overlay ads, which block content and only disappear after user interaction, with scores of 5.79 and 5.82 respectively on a 1 to 7 scale.

With users looking for a refined navigation experience, advertisers will have to work harder to achieve user engagement. How this will impact budgets for video advertising is still unclear, however it is nothing different from other hurdles the digital advertising industry has already overcome.

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