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The Unmissable – Vertical video enables publishers to command higher CPMs and advertisers to gain extra viewability. Easily the most viewable option for desktop and mobile devices, vertical video blends seamlessly and with a 9X higher complete viewing rate than other video formats.


The Considerate – Easily integrated, customizable and user friendly. Designed for maximum viewability with minimum intrusion. Set in either corner of the webpage, the slider ad guarantees high CTRs without blocking the most valuable real-estate of a website and features sticky behavior following the Coalition for Better Ads recommendation for the best user experience .


The Classic – The in-article unit sits at the heart of editorial content and plays the video unit only when in view, reaching your audience where they’re most interested and guaranteeing complete viewability. Expand video inventory safely without disrupting the flow with this seamlessly integrated video format.

Sidebar Reveal

The Versatile – Take advantage of the space outside the main content- Our sidebar unit can be placed at any position within a Desktop or Mobile sidebar, for user friendly ad play with minimal disruption. Also available with sticky behavior for added profitability.


The Bold – If you’re a publisher who relies heavily on image content, the In-Image places video ad unit front and center on top of the desired image. Once the user is shown a short preview, the ad reverts to hidden mode showing only a click-to-play button, allowing the user to customize their ad viewing experience.

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